Logistics, key in e-commerce

Logistics, key in "e-commerce"

One of the industries with the highest expected growth in coming years is electronic commerce. E-commerce sales will grow in the world because of increased sales through mobile, new shipping options and payment, and new international markets for major brands.

Thus, logistics plays an essential role in this industry, because although the site has excellent technology and infrastructure, offer various payment options and provide the best prices, if the product comes after agreed time, experience may be less satisfactory to the buyer.

One of main challenges facing online businesses is to provide a delivery service immediately to customers, caring distribution costs and accuracy of returning goods.

Logistics process have to be effective, so that companies with online sales, can achieve through third parties or themselves, making the experience completely satisfactory; in fact many sales are lost because of complexity of shipments; because of that we have to take into account this:
• Working with large logistics providers.
• Planning delivery times.
• Establishing short response times in the shipping tracking.
• Having a system for picking.
• Learning to keep tabs on the stock.

With technology there is a huge opportunity to innovate and offer the best user shopping experience in its entirety: product, payment facilities, advertising and mailings.

In MVP Business Strategy we will help you to create your logistics strategy and consequently we will drive your online store to success.

Source: http://www.cnnexpansion.com/opinion/2014/07/11/la-logistica-la-clave-en-ecommerce


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