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MVP Business Strategy is a global management consulting firm with the best leading advisors on business strategic areas such as: Project Management, Process and Quality Management, Organizational Development, Foreign Trade, Marketing and Finance.

Our advice combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets helping to develop the projects structure, strategies and solutions based on our values: honesty, partnership and efficiency.

Your success is our success. We will be a strategic partner for you, fulfilling your ideals, implementing continuous improvement to your activities and/or projects.

We have a multidisciplinary team of consultants who have occupied senior management positions in manufacturing companies, service and public sector at national and international markets, this mixture allow us to identify the best practices to implement and develop with our customers.


We are a solid and effective Consulting Firm which provides comprehensive services to businesses and government entities through the design and implementation of intelligent strategies.


To be a consolidated Consulting Firm considered an excellent option in the national and international market.


• Honesty
• Competitiveness
• Partnership
• Assertiveness


• Provide an external view of your organization, accompanied by a multilateral perspective.

• Through the expertise of our consultants, we identify areas of opportunity to generate successful changes.

• Our work is results-oriented, becoming a partner of your company in order to make things run successfully.


“We are experts in solutions”

business“Where there is a successful business,
someone once made a courageous decision” business

Peter Drucker


We are a multidisciplinary group.


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  • Project Management

» Project Management

MVP Business Strategy is expert in applying appropriate project management strategies. We will provide solutions to short and medium term to achieve the desired objective.

• Implementation of standardized methodologies, that will help you know the proper management of his government project strategies.
• Identify performance guidelines and measurement to provide short and medium term solutions.
• Optimization of costs and project deadlines.
• Monitor and control the project progress.
• Defining the scope of the project.



For many organizations may be a contradiction between the results of its plan and the achievement of objectives, which is why in MVP Business Strategy will provide you the first steps to execute each of the objectives of your project, through management quality, will be sure to give you an adequate control to improve performance in the governmental level.

• Implementation of Quality Management Systems.
• Standarize management processes to ensure proper control and monitoring.
• Optimization of opportunity areas.
• Quality control.
• Track timely government project and / or social.
• Diagnosis and assessment.



It is easy for project members to lose their sense of responsibility causing internal conflicts, MVP Business Strategy will define the roles and responsibilities of each work area and establish a culture that facilitates the success and satisfaction of each member.

• Correct definition of roles and responsibilities of teams.
• Establishment of an organizational culture.
• Design and development of training programs.



MVP Business Strategy can work with the offices of economic development, (municipal, state or federal level) offering the following services:

• Identify distribution channels and profitability abroad for external customers.
• Identify market profiles (statistics and trends).
• Export requirements from Mexico and import in other countries, compliance with non-tariff regulations, labeling rules, determination of the export price, identification of INCOTERMS, international sales contract, tax calculation, packaging, hiring customs broker and selection of transport and / or insurance.



Often the direction of a project is more focused on the promotion than in costumer, so there is a detachment within trends and market needs, MVP Business Strategy will guide you on the best strategies to conduct your plan successfully. The desired objectives and target loyalty will be reached.

• Measurement of the impact, scope and benefits of the project.
• Development of market research and public opinion studies.
• Implement of SWOT analysis system to highlight strengths and weaknesses of your plan.
• Development of media plan.



MVP Business Strategy provides advice on the management of financial resources to cover the project if it required and perform the structuring of the accounting process, optimization of resources from budget analysis and expenditure projections, investment in short, medium and long term, all to serve you better and to manage everything with transparency and fidelity.

• Analysis of budget and expenditure.
• Management of financial resources.
• Review of expenses, taxes and accounting process.
• Strategies to enable the optimization of resources.
• Projected investment in the short, medium and long term.


    » SUCCESS STORIES: Comprehensive Service Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste


     Teziutlán Governement

    Project name:

     Comprehensive Service Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste.

    Area involved:

     Process and Quality Management

    The problem in Teziutlán town was the waste collection and disposal of municipal solid waste in charge of the Town Council, because of the lack of budget and the critical state that records the available infrastructure of the municipality to provide the service collection, it brings scenarios that significantly impede the proper planning and execution.

Not attending, in the short term scenarios of infeasibility and deterioration in public health would impact negatively in the population and environment of the municipality.

It was requested to MVP Business Strategy the development of a structural and operational diagnostic service Collection and Final Disposal of Solid Waste in the town of Teziutlán to increase productivity.

Over a period of two months MVP Business Strategy conducted the following activities:
• Observation in situ (field work)
• Collection of official information and regulations
• Rise of visual evidence
• Capture and processing of data obtained
• Analysis of information
• Structuring final document

Through a detailed analysis MVP Business Strategy detected areas of opportunity and made a reengineering to operational and administrative process, in this way we obtained the 24% decrease in operating cost and the approval of the renewal of the infrastructure for the delivery of the service.


    » SUCCESS STORIES: Development of young entrepreneurs in Mexico City.


     D.F Government and Gallup Mexico

    Project name:

     Development of young entrepreneurs in Distrito Federal.

    Involved area:

     DOrganizational Development, Process and Quality Management, Marketing and Finance.

    According to the Ministry of Economy, from all the students who complete their studies in high school, only 10% find occupation upon graduation.

    Therefore Gallup Mexico and MVP Business Strategy combined their efforts for economic development of the city by identifying and strengthening the entrepreneurial talent of high school students in Mexico City.

Through this project, participants detected their entrepreneurial potential through a tool named Entreprenurial Strengths Finder® (ESF10®) developed by Gallup. These results help identify programs that best fit their needs once the decision to start a company. While known strategies to channel their potential strengths of entrepreneurs, support their talents medium intensity and seek the best partnerships to address areas of opportunity, through group sessions facilitated by mentors and the use of a workbook, designed exclusively for this program.

Students with better grades in the diagnostic phase were able to move to the incubation phase receiving a 40-hour workshop, as well as monitoring and personalized advice for each project.

Projects in incubation phase were viable to undertake, will receive funding with very affordable interest rates for young people materialize their business idea.

MVP Business Strategy assessed 10,000 students and taught 500 workshops through which 2,100 youths were detected with entrepreneurial potential. MVP Business Strategy contributes to country development.


For many companies it is difficult to follow a line according to meet their goals, MVP Business Strategy will support you in planning, monitoring and implementation of financial strategies, development, marketing, quality and trade to meet the goals outlined in the organization.

• Development of flowcharts.
• Monitoring and implementation of financial strategies, marketing, management and quality.
• Facilitate the planning, execution and monitoring corporate.
• Establish business improvements to management Projects.



In many companies there are areas of opportunity that are not attended due to the fear of change, MVP Business Strategy is an expert in controlling quality and eliminating waste. The process of monitoring and control that will give to your company; will meet the results you expect.

• Quality control and waste disposal.
• Development of manuals and procedures.
• Process reengineering.
• Implementation of: “Sistema de Ambiente Físico de Calidad 5´s”, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 or projects “Lean Six Sigma”.



Many companies have an inefficient organizational structure, MVP Business Strategy is an expert in organizational restructuring, which will allow your company to define the roles and responsibilities for different jobs. With this we will empower the collaboration, changing the loading and / or capacity for different obligations.

• Organizational Restructuring.
• Defining roles and responsibilities for different role jobs.
• Assess staff competencies and the degree of alignment of staff.
• Strengthen the collaboration teams.
• Retrofitting load-ability for different Jobs.
• Design and development of performance evaluations and 360 ° for leaders.
• DNC, development and design of training programs.



In order to identify savings for your company as well as to provide accurate information for decision-making, MVP Business Strategy that can offer your business the following services:
• Lobbing with government agencies (Promotion Programs, Importers license, quotas, HS tariff Consultations, Permitsetc.).
• Correct implementation of the Free Trade Agreements.
• Management development programs (IMMEX PROSECs, the 8th Rule).
• Export and Promotion Plans:
- We have strategic alliances in the United States and Central America.
- General export procedures.
- Local taxes and tariffs, non-tariff regulations and restrictions.
- Development of export business plan.

  • Marketing

» Marketing

Many companies do not have an advice based in strategies for implementation, MVP Business Strategy provides expert advice and training. We will design and implement strategies to prospect new customers and new markets.

• Advice, training and development of your sales force.
• Design, implement strategies to prospect for new customers and entering new markets.
• Launch of new products and / or services as well as in the development of advertising campaigns.
• Market research.
• Positioning strategies.
• Launch of new products and / or services.
• Loyalty Strategies.
• Description, development and potentiation of competitive advantage.
• Administration and Management of Social Networks.



MVP Business Strategy will provide financial advice based on the equity of your company or business and identify the proper way to cover the costs created for the creation and / or modification of your company and strategies to carry out the healthy development of their primary activity.
• Managing your financial resources.
• Review of expenses, taxes and accounting process.
• Strategies that allow the optimization of resources.
• Projected investment in the short, medium and long term.
• Identification of direct beneficiaries.
• Development of financial plans.

    Mondelez Kraft Foods Mexico

    » SUCCESS STORIES: Savings from efficient management in Foreign Trade


     Mondelez (Kraft Foods Mexico)

    Project name:

     Savings from efficient management in Foreign Trade.

    Involved area:

     Foreing Trade

    Mondelez (Kraft Foods Mexico) inventory control system is composed of imported raw materials, which are incorporated to products for later export, if the information from the system is imprecise risk scenarios are generated in legal matters and constant monetary losses in taxes.

MVP Business Strategy developed a new system able to generate current and reliable information on 30,000 import and export operations.

Since 2010, MVP Business Strategy execute the following activities to Mondelez (Kraft Foods Mexico):

Inventory Control System:
• Identification and capture of imports and inputs.
• Identify and capture bill of materials.
• Identify and capture and export products.
• Analysis and delivering results.

• Familiarization of the operation of the company.
• Identification of irregular activities.
• Identification of areas of opportunity.
• Proposed strategies.
• Implementation of strategies.

Through a detailed analysis MVP Business Strategy managed the operations of the company under the legal framework, also generated savings of over $ 2 million.
    Ready Drink Tea Study

    » SUCCESS STORIES: Ready to Drink Tea Study


     Indonesia Trade Promotion Office in Mexico (Indonesian Trade Promotion Center)

    Project name:

     Ready to Drink Tea Study

    Involved area:


    Companies like Goldman Sachs have forecast that by 2050 that Mexico could become the world's fifth largest economy, above countries as the UK. On the other hand the Mexican population has an average age of 26 years and by 2030, the population in Mexico will reach 62 million people. These data are an attraction for global investors seeking to increase their profits by exporting their products to our country.

The Indonesia Office of Trade Promotion in Mexico requested to MVP Business Strategy a study to assess the introduction of one of their products in one of the most dynamic categories in the consumer industry: Ready to Drink Beverage (RTD).

The RTD category represents a market of 525,000 million pesos and 43,870 million liters, in which sub-categories such as tea (RTD Tea) with just a 0.3 percentage interest have grown in the last five years by 283 percent.

The study conducted by desk research provides data on the industry in general, the actors in the chain of supply, competition and a forecast for the next three years based on the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since 2008.

The information presented by MVP Business Strategy provided an invaluable overview updated on RTD Tea sub-category, which facilitates to make decisions for foreign investors interested in the potential of our country.

» Administración de Proyectos

Cuando un equipo de trabajo administra un proyecto sin un proceso definido no se tendrá un control sobre este, MVP Associates es experto en aplicar las estrategias adecuadas para la gestión de proyectos. Con esto se le brindarán soluciones a corto y mediano plazo para alcanzar el objetivo deseado.

• Aplicación de metodologías estandarizadas que permitirán conocer las estrategias adecuadas para la gestión de su proyecto gubernamental.
• Identificar los criterios de desempeño y medición para bridarle soluciones a corto y mediano plazo.
• Optimización de los costos y plazos del proyecto.
• Seguimiento y control del progreso del proyecto.
• Definición del alcance del proyecto.