Why superheroes are the perfect example of personal branding?

Why superheroes are the perfect example of personal branding?

Even when personal branding concept is relatively new (concept newly minted in 90’s decade, from an article written by Tom Peters, “The brand called you”), it’s true that we can find a lot of examples of personal branding before those years.

We can get several elements from superheroes that make them the best example when we talk about personal branding. There are two reasons: first, superheroes and their whole industry could get into the things all consumers know, massively and without a problem. And the second one, superheroes teach us how if you get a solid self-identity, will be difficult for people to forget what is spoken.

The elements that connect the viewer with superheroes and their histories are amazing and too many, but now, we are only focusing on the relationship they have with personal branding:

• Those who are recipients of this stories, receive the same elements they get from their beloved brands, with whom they have established emotional ties. Superheroes become into something distinctive, beyond a simple character.

• Superheroes have corporative colors, and those elements are what make them what they are, and their stories always remain the same.

• They always keep an identity and protect it from possible changes that make them more vulnerable.

• Superheroes cling to an idea, a specialty and this way, they build how their brand have to look like and their identity.

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